I had to tell him the truth. Phyllis traveled to Switzerland to bring Summer to specialist who would help Summer's recovery. Summer and Nick were upset with Sharon but also with Phyllis who only cared about revenge but eventually Phyllis was forgiven. She is looking for that and she is thinking that it should be a certain way, because it is not what she had. She further says that she made even when the odds seemed impossible; Jack turns and holds his wife close as he thanks God that she did make it and says that no matter what they have to hold on to their hope. Summer had serious brain damage and had to learn to talk, read, and write all over again. Natalie is a bit shocked to have Phyllis in her room, but Mrs. Abbott is in no mood to play games; she tells Natalie that since she is the secret investor in this computer security project she expects her to produce a working prototype. Phyllis begged Adam to share graphic details about hiding Skye's body. Nick said whatever happened to Adam, Sharon would be collateral damage. or. Evil-doer She wakes him up from his drunken stupor, and tells him that she is there for redemption, not only for him but for Jack as well. Phyllis reminds Summer that Victor is no goody two shoes and that he's not always innocent; however Summer insists that Victor is innocent as Jack looks as if he's thinking about what Marco may be up to. Eventually, Jack and Phyllis agree to try marriage counseling in order to fix their relationship and deal with any issues they have no matter how ugly. Alias Lauren Fenmore overheard, as did Abby Newman, and told Phyllis she'd done the right thing. Young and the Restless Wiki. Phyllis Summers is a fictional character from the American CBS Daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Gina Tognoni. Kelly asked Phyllis to try some of the rest of her tea in a thermos then, and Jack said no! However Ashley won't relent as Phyllis begins going on the defensive, saying that she has NO idea what Victor did to her and put her through; Ashley begs to know and finally Phyllis says: "Well let's just say he ruined my honeymoon". Jack is horrified, and worse still Marco has somehow managed to get up off the floor and escape from their house. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Today, Jack and Phyllis have a civil working relationship. Everything they touch turns to garbage. Jack says that all of a sudden he feels like eating at home, Phyllis comments to Victor that it's so great that he has so much of Jabot's money and asks if it's a third of what his own children sued him for and what an amazing bond they share. Inspiration Art Art Inspo Arte Dachshund Dachshund Drawing Art Et Illustration Dog Paintings Dog Portraits Art Design Painting & Drawing. Kelly arrived at the Genoa City Memorial Hospital with Jack and Summer. Phyllis shows up and she is relieved to hear the good news that her husband won't be facing any charges for the island or for murdering Kelly...something he honestly can't recall; Michael, Christine along with the Abbotts make up their minds to file charges against Victor after they both confess what he did to them with Marco. Kelly saw how much Jack still cared about Phyllis. Phyllis wanted to say she's sorry. Join Facebook to connect with Phyllis Sommers and others you may know. At the hospital, the couple are greeted by Billy and the others as Jack gets his wife a seat. Austin was angry at Summer and Summer claimed they can't give Phyllis a whole lot of new information right now. At first negotiations don't go so well as it seems as if Jack wants to take Lauren's company from her leading Phyllis to come to her best friends defense. Jack answers that he doesn't know since he's been trying to keep Jabot above water; however Phyllis says that Billy placed a very large bet on a horse race that didn't go his way hence why he owed so much money, but Paul wants to know just what Billy was doing that would make him place such a huge bet and need to win big. So with Michael and Rafe's legal help, they arranged a private meeting among all parties, and Phyllis was convinced to agree to let Billy and Victoria keep Lucy, provided that she would see Lucy one weekend a month, that Lucy would know Daniel was her father, and that Phyllis would be involved in major decisions in Lucy's life. On Nick and Sharon's wedding day, Phyllis takes a white wedding gown out of her closet. Ashley dropped the bomb asking Phyllis how she likes her new son-in-law when Phyllis wasn't told Summer was married because the doctor told her family not to drop all the events of the last year on her all at once. Phyllis begins to spend more and more time at Billy's house during time when she should be with her husband. She began to uncover some of Adam's misdeeds, and accidentally found a note that pretty much explained what really happened to Faith. Phyllis didn't know. She was named after Phyllis' maiden name and because she was born in the winter. Jack asks Billy to look after Phyllis in case he doesn't come back; however later Phyllis and Ashley go looking for Jack and Stitch, and wind up in the break room where they hear the sounds of helicopters coming to rescue people from the roof. Phyllis then went to visit Daisy Carter, pledging to stand by her side. Jack woke up the next morning next to a note from Kelly that she had left. Jack finally says that if Victor thinks he has won, he is sadly mistaken and has no idea what he has just lost. You tried to kill me! Dezember 1943 in Iowa City, Iowa; † 16. Phyllis Summers (formerly Romalotti, Abbott& Newman) is a fictional character on the CBS daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless. Phyllis apologized for poisoning Kelly and Kelly was shocked. The doctor apologizes for not being able to give them better news, and says that cardiac arrest is a serious setback; Phyllis asks what is to be done and the doctor says that Billy is in recovery and machines are keeping him alive and all they can do is wait and hope for improvement. 163 records for Phyllis Summers. Oct 28, 2015 - Anything Mitford. Add new page. Christine makes a few phone calls and soon tells Jack that the death toll from the boat was zero. Jack and Phyllis can't believe what they are seeing and they begin to think that either they are hallucinating from the smoke or have passed out and don't know it. However Phyllis has taken steps of her own to track down Ian Ward herself, by getting her hands on Topher...Ian's assistant who first helped him build Paragon; Phyllis gets Topher to film her doing a video for Ian: in short how he pretty much made a fool of her and she won't let that happen again. Daniel thought that Phyllis abandoned him, but once he learned the truth, he wanted to move in with his mother. Phyllis, Summer, and Jack just thought he was being overprotective and was having a hard time letting Summer go after her high school graduation. Phyllis thanks the agents for coming so quickly as Victor bids them to arrest him and take him away, as he's being led out Ian says that this is not over. Jack is highly irritated with Victor as he says that he expected him to show an ounce of compassion for Billy, and of course Victor will do no such thing. Jack Abbott held Phyllis back and refused to let her run after Daniel Romalotti. Phyllis Summers is the daughter of George Summers and Lydia Callahan, older sister of Avery Clark, mother of Daniel Romalotti and Summer Newman and, grandmother of Lucy Romalotti. Feb 20, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Ashley Darby. After Ian goes off to prison, Ashley first confronts Billy, and finally Phyllis. Join Facebook to connect with Phyllis Summers and others you may know. While drama goes on at the hospital, Jack tends to his lovely bride as they comment that they are lucky to be alive, and how Jack is glad that he was able to save his wife. A short time later Phyllis and Nikki arrive at the club and Jack is overjoyed to see his wife alive. Phyllis eventually gets the feeling that Billy wants to be more than her friend, and her suspicions are confirmed on the night of the benefit fundraiser for the Abbott-Winters Foundation that Jack and Neil started together; after Phyllis help Billy out by fixing his pants the two wind up trapped at Billy's house by a severe thunderstorm which has made a tree fall down blocking their cars in the driveway. Cricket" (as the character was originally called) … Mother Business executive Summer corrected that she's in fact 19. At the club Jack Abbott soon meets up with Christine to tell her about what happened on the island, and asks her if he will be facing any possible charges for what happened. Phyllis tells her daughter that this is the closest she has felt to Jack in months. Phyllis hears this and goes to change into a sexy slip and regains his attention following the phone call after she hears him tell Victoria that his kids are always his number 1 priority. She then has a panic attack and seizes after seeing Sharon standing at the door. In this latest (and greatest millenium) the range is wide and wonderful; enjoy the TV Fame show pop of Girls Aloud or Gareth Gates, get into the latest wave of nu-metal or … Phyllis replies that while there have been some horrible things that have happened at the cabin, many wonderful things happened here; she also says that the cabin means something not only to the Abbotts but to her as well. Phyllis: Ohh. Jill is shocked by what she is hearing and sneaks out of the house without them knowing that she was there. She was stranded on the side of the road with no cell phone reception when Deacon Sharpe (who had framed Daniel for murder and blackmailed Daniel's wife, Amber Moore) came to help. At the same time as Nick proposes to Sharon, Phyllis wakes up, screaming. Nick and Phyllis would grow closer as they focused on their daughter's recovery. No info to show. Austin was still upset that Summer wouldn't tell Phyllis the truth. Kelly claimed that Jack made love to her at the Underground and Phyllis slapped Kelly and screamed "HE'S MINE!". Phyllis made the website a hit. Summer told Phyllis that her and Austin were engaged in which Phyllis was enraged. It gets worse when Tim Reid, Phyllis' former therapist and former lover who had been blackmailing her, was found dead in his apartment. Phyllis gets closer to her husband and he puts his arms around her waist as she says that while she loves that idea she's not so sure she made Santa's "nice"list this year; Jack replies "Well how about I help you make his "naughty" list?" After coming up with a battle plan to save Jabot, Phyllis convinces her husband to leave work alone so they can celebrate Christmas and Summer's birthday. She finally tells Victor that if he chokes on a piece of steak...good luck on finding someone to give him the Heimlich; Jack comments that's an interesting visual as the two leave the club and head for home. Ihre Methode hat sie vor über 50 Jahren entwickelt und sie hielt bis im Alter von 100 Jahren immer noch Seminare mit hunderten von Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmern. Jack further asks if Victor hates Billy so much as to being unable to help running him down in front of Victoria; Victor tries to justify his remarks by saying that he was speaking openly and honestly to his daughter or the sake of her and her children. Phyllis tell her brother in law that she has survived disasters way worse than mouthing off at a bar and getting drunk, she further says that her life should definitely not be what it is now as it should have been destroyed on many various occasions...and for a while her life was very bad; however she made it out...she always does. On March 30, 2019 it was announced that Gina Tognoni has been let go from Y&R and that former Phyllis, Michelle Stafford will return to the role in June 2019. Sharon finally remembered everything. That she gets drunk and passes out on the couch. Ian then dials Victor in his hospital room and makes Nikki tell him that she and Phyllis are being held hostage and if Ian doesn't get $5 Million from Victor then he will kill both of them. At the hospital, Jack asks Phyllis how Billy wound up in this situation; Phyllis replies that it's because he let it get this way, because he: put Billy down in front of Victoria, wouldn't give him the money to gamble away, but Phyllis defends Billy saying that he was making a business investment and Jack doesn't believe that. Phyllis says that she can help Victor get Ian, and when he asks how; Phyllis says that she and Ian are tight friends, because first he was stalking Nikki; however now he's stalking her. Phyllis Summers Later at the New Years Eve Benefit in Newman Tower, Phyllis informs Jack that she is quitting her job at Jabot, as she has been hired at a new position, though she says nothing about working for Lauren.

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