I agreed with person below not wearing it to an interview if ita a lady...lmfao wth...moving on...got the 2018 batch and it sux large...does not have any personality any more...lacking density...velvet thick smoothness...no longer does it linger on skin,,, with this,i dont get that "I cant get enough whiffs" kinda smell of older batches....oh and my farts last longer and are more potent....absolute waste of money now...I put it up for sale...btw has anyone not noticed that every and any review on this scent are with vintage bottles or older ones etc....no one dares make a full vid in today's bottles....cuz they know its crap and not worth what they charge for it....50 bux np...but at even 85 at discounters b4 tax is still a rip off based on potency and performance......do not waste your money on this now...not even half of what it used to be! It's not what I excepted when I first smelled it, but it grew on me and I now really enjoy it, as does my lady. La Nuit is pleasant but really not strong. Horrible advice. Am I the only one that thinks this stuff smells like straight up baby powder? La Nuit de l'Homme was created by Anne Flipo, Pierre Wargnye and Dominique Ropion. I love the scent of it, quite masculine, youthful, and versatile! Sept 2019 batch. I think i will stick to my original L'homme for night wear too. We are committed to making sustainable procurement our default mode of procurement. Especially when I wear it in winter I absolutely feel Heavenly feel of the perfume. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. Le style, c'est l'homme definition is - the style is the man : you may know a man through his writing. It's Mont Blanc Emblem Absolute. The story of the birth of modern mankind, between 12,000 B.C. I hope I am right about this because I always loved La Nuit de L'Homme! yves saint laurent erkek kokusu, hafif çiçeksi ve odunsu. supported by 11 fans who also own “Univers Parallèles” Tr`s bonne composition johnnybaud. Glad I was able to find a new bottle. Masterpiece is a very strong word that gets thrown around here like a frisbee on a warm summer day. 03.06.2012 18:21 c cien. It is very cardamom dominate, and I find it surprisingly delicious. I own a gift box set that I purchased a few years ago (6 to be exact) with batch code 62J310. Search Constraints Start Over You searched for: Subjects Physical Fitness Remove constraint Subjects: Physical Fitness Titles L'homme le plus fort du monde déclare-- "Le secret de ma force, pas d'alcool" Remove constraint Titles: L'homme le plus fort du monde déclare-- "Le secret de ma force, pas d'alcool" Dates by Range 1950-1999 Remove constraint Dates by Range: 1950-1999 Connexion +1. LE BICENTENAIRE : 1817-2017. Top notch date night fragrance. Let me explain you all my [+] and [-]: This fragrance is just okay for me. I really don’t care for this one. But yeah it is a good business modell, because you need 150 ml each month. C’est le surnom de Marcelin Albert, l’homme qui fut considéré comme l’instigate... See More. Get this, apply generously, and enjoy. After seminal and legendary scents like Kouros, Cinema, Opium, Jazz, Paris and Rive Gauche how we can accept a trite fragrance like Le Nuit De L'Homme? With Helmi Dridi, Rabeb Srairi, Philippe Kara-Mohamed, Lotfi Dziri. A well-perfumed man always catches my eye, and this juice is pure gold. i was even told i smell like a "real man." Only knock is performance. but unfortunately one of the most horrible performances ever! My daddy deserves to smell beautiful beacause he is a beautiful man inside and out. Great smell but the awful longevity make this a bad purchase. The story of the birth of modern mankind, between 12,000 B.C. If you like this scent just buy the newer batches, its not worth the money. La Nuit de l'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men. UNOPS personnel involved in procurement activities consider sustainable procurement to the extent possible within the context of their work, the … Collapses into a skin scent in no time! I just don't want people to get disappointed when they buy it. This is so nice scent, all these reviews are true. Sometimes it reminds me of Versace Eros minus the mint note and the effervescence combo of geranium, oakmoss, and ambroxan. Se connecter. Big pass for me. I won't be buying any bottles of La Nuit as long as there is this. La Nuit De L'homme Cologne by Yves S... (52.91 USD), Buy it online BIG SALE on or Many items for sale on, Perfume rating Esaïe 41:10 – Ne crains rien, car je suis avec toi; Ne promène pas des regards inquiets, car je suis ton Dieu; Je te fortifie, je viens à ton secours, Je te soutiens de ma droite triomphante. Dior Sauvage). It's nice. I would be thrilled to see a new reformulation for this fragrance. It's a nice scent for sure, but I can give you a frag that I never hear anyone mention that has better performance, it's much, much cheaper and in my opinion is an all around better fragrance, especially in the dry down! The perfume is so gorgeous and unique. I could not get enough of it. It's pure sex in a bottle. If you want to smell the best you can in any situation then this is a fragrance to reach for! I get better performance on the 2018 batch. I would rate it higher if it was under the genre of fragrances that I would personally wear but being that it isn't I still give it a very favorable 7/10. Not quite like the early batches but the scent was very close! Le Musée de l'homme book. This YSL LNDL'H Parfum is way too feminine and smells more like a womans perfume. When this was first launched in 2009 it was the most amazing scent I ever smelled. It’s clean and sophisticated and people seem to love it. This has to be one of the best smelling colognes I have ever worn honestly. I would prefer L'Instant De Guerlain EDT on this one. I got myself a bottle of La nuit de l'homme a couple of years ago and it is absolutely gorgeous. Fragrance Reviews: 1014124 Positive or negative, it’s all been declared here and on various fragrance forums across the net. I stopped to get Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, but she thought this was a lot better and wanted me to get it, so I did. The drydown is too similar to SF F Black. i am using a 2013 bottle so cant speak to new batches but the scent is perfect lasts me about 4-6 hours great for evening but everyone loves, Very sexy and seductive scent better suited for dates or close encounter situations since performance is not the greatest ....but the scent alone makes this a must have in your fragrance collection. Too bad. yavru köpekleri korumak isterken tokat yiyen kız, ümitcan uygun'un tiktokta uyuşturucu kullanması, tokat erbaa imamının skandal aşı açıklaması, trendyol'un satıcı mağaya 10.600 tl ceza kesmesi, 9 ocak 2021 whatsapp'tan telegram'a yaşanan göç, lgbt bayrağının boğaziçi protestosu ile alakası, antalya'da şiddet gören kadının kocasını öldürmesi, whatsapp'ı silip bip'e geçiyoruz kampanyası, boşanmanın eşiğindeki çiftlere tavsiyeler, instagram'ın artık eskisi kadar zevk vermemesi, 11 ocak 2021 b.b erzurumspor fenerbahçe maçı, 9 ocak 2021 pakistan geneli elektrik kesintisi, 1998 yılında yapılan fantastik başörtüsü eylemi, sevgili edinme konusunda hiçbir şey yapmayan insan, 8 şubat 2021 whatsapp gizlilik ilkesi değişimi, pazar sabahı erken kalkmak için bir neden, 9 ocak 2021 galatasaray gençlerbirliği maçı. Dès les premières années de sa fondation, l'association, qui fête cette année ses 70 ans, a mis l'action internationale et la mobilisation pour les droits de l'homme et la dignité de l'être humain au coeur de son projet. And i’m not the biggest fan of tea fragrances. It is overly powdery and metro-sexual in character.Its redeeming factor is the pleasant cocoa accord in the late dry down but this is spoiled by the overly powdery nature of the fragrance. Smells as great as the original. Shame I can only smell it from the bottle. Elle pose plus de questions, qu’elle n’en donne de réponses. Longevity bisa sampai 6-8 jam tergantung kondisi. The performance though is poor. 1 Sepete ekle 680 TL SEPETE EKLE P112908 - P112908. This is the best fragrance ever. This is my husband perfume I just love it !! Some of these notes are found in scents like LNDL. This is a perfect date night fragrance or for a night out but maybe not a teenager fragrance. L’objectif, sauvegarder l’aide… Masterpiece. He is fairly indifferent to fragrance, but I go weak in the knees when I smell this powerful, aromatic juice. I never tried the first Ombré Noir, but people said it was a miss. Puis, dans une autre circonstance, il s'est appuyé sur un secours humain. This is very private scent and should be used like that; people close enough will smell it and you will too. One of the best smells I have ever smelled! The longevity is outstanding. More. Scent: Similar to a chai tea latte with a bit of freshness thrown in there. I feel like the classic “date night” fragrances like La Nuit De L’homme and The One are starting to fall by the wayside. My answer is it depends on you. Mais, en plaçant notre espérance en notre Seigneur Jésus et en demandant secours à Dieu, nous faisons le … Country. God, this is gorgeous! Not once did the thoughts of "sexy" and "date night" come into my mind. My vintage bottle is quarter full and gathering dust. Now, my palette has considerably changed, and I cannot stand anymore a sharp fragrance like this. If you find a vintage, YAY now your gonna be anxious to use it all up...like me...La Nuit De L'homme was never a BEAST MODE fragrance, and the newer formulation while unfortunate, don't ruin the fragrance. With Amidou, Janine Magnan. « Responsable de la maladie de Lyme, la Borrelia est une bactérie très évoluée transmise par la piqure d'une tique infectée. After 10 years and probably 100 bottles if I had to pick one to wear forever this would be it. erkeğin gecesi. So, the big question: Is it still worth it in 2020? So when it was time to re-up, I purchased the Man size 6.7 bottle!! Once Yves Saint Lauren La Nuit De L’Homme EDT has reached is full dry-down, it can be summarized as a moderate projection, cardamom, and lavender fragrance with woody, and spicy accords. My daughter still talks about how good he smelled every time he wore it. The fact is that it smells better than 99.9% of niche £200+ fragrances. LA NUIT DE L'HOMME LE PARFUM. Elle touche aussi bien de nombreux animaux que les humains..... » Cette conférence vous est présentée par Patrick Boussieux Entrée libre Contact : 05 62 92 38 38 And the first use I went HAM (hard as a. OMG! La Nuit de L'Homme puzzles me wirth its wide acceptance. Take what you want from my personal experience, but that's the truth. However 4 sprays will NOT get the job done. Une série de 9 témoignages pour mieux comprendre le projet de Centre de formations polyvalent de Loumbila, au Burkina Faso, géré par la Croix-Rouge monégasque et … Le Contentieux Transnational Des Droits De L'Homme: Une Analyse Stratégique (Transnational Human Rights Litigation: A Strategic Analysis) Revue Trimestrielle des Droits de l'Homme, Vol. This does smell outdated. So glad I didn’t get a full bottle of this. A classic !!! it all just plays so well together and its really a unique scent that i would recommend anyone to get their nose on. I get the aromatic & a little spicy sweet. To me, mens fragrances are usually too strong for my nose. something smooth like savauge would be a normal circle. A darker version of the original. Au secours des hommes, les pompiers (DECOUVERTE BENJAMIN (1)) I know this fragrance gets crazy good reviews but I don't want to smell like a manly grandma. Le renard au secours de l’Homme Etsaut Le renard au secours de l’Homme Plusieurs études montrent l’importance des populations de prédateurs, notamment les Renards roux, dans la réduction du risque de transmission de la maladie de Lyme par les tiques. 1-1.5 hours after over spraying it, it becomes skin scent. Spray it on clothes! Got 2 bottles batch 2019. I think this smells too synthetic for me. What would you do for it? Projection is around 1.5 hours and it lasts for 6 hours. And I wouldn't say it just like that. 9.5/10. I also own a recent bottle and though it has the vintage scent profile, it’s not even a pimple on the 2012 batches ass in terms of depth, quality and duration. Thought I was ordering La Nuit De L'Homme Intense (not this, La Parfum - Note: Intense is a Parfum too, just nicer and more masculine). Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. In comparison, it is way better performance than The One EDP even though La Nuit is a EDT. So for those that complain about the projection or longevity,,, get like me and spend $100 on the 6.7oz and go nutz on the trigger!!!! And it seems that at the YSL headquarter they weren't happy enough with the standard EDT edition that they launched on the market an EDP intense version. I feel bad for those of you who didn’t get to smell La Nuit in its full Glory. It's an often overlooked and amazing option that should definitely be getting more notoriety if people so love this cardamom note. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. la nuit de l'homme. 2009 batch. Still the best sexy scent in my opinion. Most love it, some hate it. how bad is the performance? A spicy Dior Sauvage on steroids in terms of performance. It can be worn all year round and not only at night, As the name suggests but even for mornings and work. See all articles by Ludovic Hennebel Ludovic Hennebel. No, your newly hyped fragrance is not better. The scent is just completely linear, it doesn't develop or change in pretty much any way to my nose. Cumin and vetiver in a base ensure a sensual finish and an opulent, elegant closure. The longetivity of this perfume is high about 8 hours. I hope YSL reformulate this fragance for a better performance. Psaume 124:1-3 Cantique des degrés. The performance is not bad as it still projects decently. One of the best scents in the designer world. العربية; 中文; English; Français; Русский; Español; Download the Word Document I bought it and after initial trial I did not use it for 05 to 06 months. I hesitated ALOT when buying this due to all the reformulation talk. 366 people follow this. It is hands down one of the most intoxicating scents out there. The soft and fresh spicy accords with woods and florals makes this fragrance a luxurious blend which you can wear day or night. That batch game is just not worth it :D. As a college student, I find the smell very safe, subtle, and pleasant to wear to lecture halls and on dates. I have not tried the old batches but the current one has a good performance or at least acceptable. Comparing Parfums Vintage Suave and YSL La Nuit De L'Homme, they both feel very similar, both the cardamom and lavender main accords are similar in performance and potency, Parfums Vintage Suave lasts a bit longer than YSL La Nuit De L'Homme, but both fragrances project similarly. Excellent fragrance, its inviting its pleasant i cant get enough . Seriously SEXY ADDICTIVE scent for me. Exposition. The scent is magic. The scent is unique and you can tell it's a designer fragrance however the first thought that came into mind when smelling the fragrance was that it smelled like an old man's candle. So glad I got this as a sample, seems very bland and uninspired. For me it's a fragrance with polarized features with a lot of pluses and a lot of minuses. Le meilleur ami de l’homme. No idea for the past batches. I don't usually buy perfumes for their lasting power but for the smell itself. But the more I smelled the more I could picture it being masculine. I kindly disagree with anyone who mentions that the scent has no longevity at all. Le Renard au Secours de l’Homme 2020-08-10 18:00:00 – 2020-08-10 Maison du Val d’azun ARRENS-MARSOUS Arrens-Marsous Hautes-Pyrénées « Responsable de la maladie de Lyme, la Borrelia est une bactérie très évoluée transmise par la piqure d’une tique infectée. It do remind of my Burberry Brit, both smells like Juicy Fruit bubblegum. if a fragrance lasts only 3~4 hours then just respray it every 4 hours, no big deal. only if you spray it on your nose, I still remember the first time putting my nose to this. I never smelled the original formulation. Probably not for a first date where you're sitting across from each other at a table. AA// Erdogan : "Dans le monde post-Covid-19, il faudra adopter des politiques basées sur les droits de l'Homme et créer des mécanismes qui élimineront l'injustice." The perfume is announced as one full of contrasts and tensions. ... herkesin begeneceği ama ucuz kokmayan sıradan olmayan bir parfüm. I suspect it was created by a voodoo sorcerer. But I can't because despite the fact that I could barely smell it on myself (and even when I do smell it, I feel it is nothing special), I keep getting incredible compliments with this one. There is no point in buying this fragrance in 2020. I bought this one when it first came out several years. Directed by Jacques Malaterre. Le secours de l'homme n'est que vanité ». Community See All. This is a great date scent and I believe that’s what it was made for given the name of it, and it’s a sexy scent that’s very intoxicating, but it’s also very intimate and doesn’t have much projection. Current formulations of La Nuit are Pedestrian at BEST....yet YSL is still selling it for full price. EAU DE PARFUM Detaylar. 1 spot together with Dior Homme Parfum in terms of scent. It is sensual, mysterious, almost erotic. Adored this fragrance - notice that was said in past tense! 1. Plus d'infos. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. I give this a 98/100. None of the given colones are similar to it! Only lasts for 1-hour maximum. New formulation smells 90% similar as vintage , but it only performs as 20%. for me it's the sexiest men's fragrance ever. La femme est le secours de l'homme : devenez une seule chair Que vous soyez marié ou non, vous pouvez utiliser plusieurs principes donnés ici dans votre relation avec Dieu et avec les autres, et vous préparer à votre futur mariage si c'est dans votre objectif. CONTACT. Again I gave it a retry and this time I liked it. Lets start with the opening. I see why people like it. View All Result . a classic masterpiece in masculine parfumerie !!! I first smelled it in a magazine fold-out 10 years ago and immediately ordered a bottle for my husband. To me its close enough to One Million, Givenchy Pi and others. He sold this better than his own brand. (742 domains). There is a good reason why whenever there is a newly hyped date fragrance, people feel the need to compare it to this fragrance. I can’t tell you how many people review new fragrances saying something along the lines of “This dethrones La Nuit YSL as king!” This, alone should be a testament to just how amazing this scent is. Dans son encyclique « Laudato Si », sous-titrée « Sur la sauvegarde de la maison commune », le pape exhorte le monde à pratiquer une agriculture durable, diversifiée, respectueuse de la nature, des animaux et des hommes. Les hommes du feu avaient été appelés pour porter secours à de potentiels blessés dans un accident de la route mais tout ne s'est pas passé comme prévu. Psaume 118:8 Mieux vaut chercher un refuge en l'Eternel Que de se confier à l'homme; Psaume 146:3 Ne vous confiez pas aux grands, Aux fils de l'homme, qui ne peuvent sauver. PS if you want better performance just use a unscented body lotion and or layer with an iso e super fragrance (Molecule01).

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