The Golden Retriever and the Labrador are both healthy dogs. Any Lab owner will tell you just how food orientated this breed is. While the outer coat is short, it’s the undercoat that experiences a big seasonal shedding in warm weather. They are both very sociable and have wonderful temperaments. The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is an important long-term project that studies cancer in Goldens. But many potential owners wonder about the differences between Lab and Golden Retriever personalities. Many Goldens prefer a slightly more calm and tranquil home environment. The undercoat rake is the best way to deal with heavy seasonal shedding. Victoria country, Victoria. Lab experts note that there are two different types of Labrador Retriever. Labs Have More Energy. When Do Puppies Stop Biting And How To Cope With A... Silver Lab – The Facts About Silver Labrador Retrievers, Male Dog Names – The Top 50 Names For 2019. Goldens have American and English variants as well as Labradors. As were talking, her golden gently lended on to her leg. There is also a theory of them being descended from Newfoundlands, similar to the lab. We successfully compete at dog shows and strive to improve the Labrador breed here in Australia. They are very careful and soft. They range in size from around 59 to 84 pounds (on average) with the females on the lower end of the spectrum. Labrador Retrievers are at an increased risk for obesity compared to other dog breeds. John Woods is the Founder of All Things Dogs and leads our editorial team as our Editor in Chief. In fact, if you ever do cross paths with a golden colored Retriever then it is probably a Goldador (Golden Retriever x Labrador Mix). Labrador Retriever Older Dogs for Sale. What about the yellow Lab vs Golden Retriever? However, the energy levels of a Labrador vs Golden Retriever are very different. He’s very goofy and he never says no for a play. When you’re ready to … Remember that drop eared dogs are prone to ear infections. The Labrador Site is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, University of Cambridge Metabolic Research Laboratories. Two of the best dogs I had in my life! Both dogs are not a good choice for anyone looking for a hypoallergenic dog. So Golden Retriever vs Labrador shedding is similar, but Goldens usually require more day to day grooming. Bought from local breeders as a pup. Both breeds were bred for their loyalty, intelligence, swimming abilities, and soft-mouths: Golden Retrievers were originally bred to retrieve shot waterfowl (such as ducks) during a gentleman’s hunt. It wasn’t until after the St. Johns Water Dog was imported to England that aristocrats admired their loyalty, work ethic and love of water. They are just genetically predisposed to receiving genes that may mutate. I loved and appreciate the qalities of both. Besides normal, everyday shedding, their undercoat grows thicker in the winter and sheds in the spring. Canadian Golden Retriever . They became best friends. You will often hear Lab owners refer to this as blowing the coat, just like in Golden Retriever’s. I have owned every colour of Labrador and have just bought a male yellow lab to supplement our 5 year old fox red lab.I love labradors they have the best temperment of all dogs which is lovely when out walking with them off the lead.Freddy our fox red was named after both my partner’s and my dads both named Fred,our new puppy is being called Nigel after Monty Dons dog as we were so upset when he died as we used to love watching him on Gardeners World on the BBC.Nigel is a yellow lab only 4 week old now and we have just been to visit him and he was all over us like a rash what an happy dog. At 6 months your Labrador Retriever puppy will need 30 minutes of exercise 2x per day and so on. However, the Golden Retriever is known to be slightly longer and has a longer snout too. The Labrador Retriever, often abbreviated to Labrador, is a breed of retriever-gun dog from the United Kingdom that was developed from imported Canadian fishing dogs. We are exhibition breeders of Champion Labradors located in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW, midway between Sydney and Canberra. Labs also can be prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, eye disease, and a condition known as “exercise induced collapse.”. Two types of cancer are especially common in Goldens: hemangiosarcoma (cancer of the blood vessel walls, affecting the spleen and heart) and lymphoma (cancer of immune system cells, affecting lymph nodes, liver, and spleen). Generally when comparing a Golden Retriever vs Labrador, Goldens are more adaptable to a sedentary lifestyle and Labradors have high energy reserves. There is no evidence to support the theory that they were descended from Rusiian circus dogs, more a story than fact. The Goldador was born with a natural urge to work and please their masters. Both dogs are active and love to have a job to do. Lord Tweedmouth mated a wavy coated Retriever with a Tweed Water Spaniel. The Golden also has furry feather-like fur around their body. Our golden was bought from a healthy line of dogs specifically for show & good health. Thats when I got my Trouble and I also have Rigley. Report Ad. While breed standards are exacting for show quality dogs, remember that a pet quality dog can be larger or smaller than the breed standard, depending on the individual animal. Mixed Breed Dogs – Is It Wrong To Create Hybrid Dog Breeds? Golden Retrievers have a gentle nature that shines throughout their interaction with young children. 5. . Many potential owners wonder about coat color choices in both Labs and Goldens. FYI…the origins of the Golden Retriever is most likely unknown. I am so sad for Nolan, because I don’t know what to do to save his life. Once you go golden there is nothing else…, The ultimate solution. 7. Health Testing For Lab Retriever Golden Retriever Mix. After arriving in England the breed officially became known as a Labrador Retriever. Gorgeous 3 year old to stud full history & vet checks great personality champion blood lines microchip 956000005383192 . Then maybe a Goldador is what you are really looking for! $ 1,500 . Wanted: Looking for Labrador or golden retriever puppy. Unfortunately, this breed is at risk of developing cancer. Like Goldens, the coat of a Lab should never be shaved. 3 yr Old Labrador x Golden Retriever For Stud . The Golden Retriever and Labrador are both very similar, but they also share a few differences. Golden retriever stud only . One a lab and one a golden. From puppy to adulthood Labs have high energy levels and are very playful. Labradors were selectively bred from St. Johns Water Dogs. Golden Retriever Chocolate Lab Mix size. Viva la difference! $1,500. … We’ve talked about coat type, but what about coat color? Henry, a 3 year old Labrador x Golden Retriever, for stud. Labradors have a more robust looking head shape. Like other Retriever breeds, they were often used to retrieve waterfowl, and still retain their love of water. This genetic mutation is only common in Labradors and is not found in other dog breeds. Financially I cannot afford to give him the treatment that he need. You cannot go wrong with either of these breeds, and will not regret your experience owning a retriever. The result of cross-breeding a Labrador with a golden retriever is a dog that is willing to retrieve and do task work for its owner yet, at the same time, has a loving nature. father, danny is a labrador x golden retriever and he is gold in colour mother, charlie is also a labrador x golden retriever and is red in colour a non refundable holding deposit of $500 will be required to secure a pup. They Can very very good working dogs as well as a watchdog for big families. These areas are extra fluffy and include their ears, neck, paws and tail. The coat of a Golden Retriever should never be shaved. Many owners like soft, flowing coats while breed purists say that Goldens, as hunting dogs, should have more moderate coats. This makes it a disease that neither the breeder nor owner can control. Am planning to get him a brother or sister, and it would be Golden retriever. My lab, was more puppy, was leaping straight in the air. Search With Above Filters Clear All Above Filters. Weight management is important for all dogs, but especially for breeds at higher risk for obesity. But, what is the difference between Continue Reading →, The Rottweiler Lab Mix has many nicknames from Labrottie to Rottwador. The Labrador is one of the most popular dog breeds in a number of countries in the world, particularly in the Western world. Far country, Victoria . I have a one year old Lab, Charlie! It is not guaranteed that they will develop cancer over their lifetime. The words commonly used to describe the temperaments of both Goldens and Labs are the words we use to describe very good dogs! No other color variations are acceptable in show quality Labs. $ 3,500 . Both types of Lab are famously friendly, playful, and outgoing. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Price $3,500.00 Gender Female Age < 3 months Breed Labrador Retriever Type x-Breed MicrochipNumber 956000012264369 mum Source Number ee114546. The American type Labrador Retriever is sensitive, intelligent, and active. Meeting the parents, good training and socialization practices from puppyhood into adulthood are the best ways to ensure that you get the kind of dog you want. After they arrived in England, Labradors were then bred to be sporting companions whose duty was to retrieve shot waterfowl (just like the Golden’s original job). Both breeds are friendly, affectionate and loyal dogs. Adopt an Animal Make a Donation. The Golden Labrador is a mix of the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever. Opening up your home to an adopted pet gives the dog the opportunity to be in a loving and well cared for home. The Golden Retriever and Labrador are among the most popular dog breeds listed by the American Kennel Club. In times of peak shedding, such as during seasonal changes, that frequency may increase. When comparing a Golden Retriever vs Labrador the Golden is known to have significantly higher grooming requirements. Labs Can Be Yellow, Black and Chocolate. Trouble is white, Rigley and Star are light brown. It consists of a soft undercoat that protects the dog in cold weather, and a top coat that is shorter in length than the Golden’s. Get our best dog content delivered in your inbox, including: The German Shepherd is a large and loyal breed who stands up to 26 inches and can weigh upto 95 pounds. Labradors are more active with plenty of energy and thrive in a fast-paced, busy family home; they make the perfect addition to any active family. Either a Golden or a Lab can melt the heart of any animal lover. Their love of water and expert retrieving ability made them ideal waterfowl retrievers for hunters who brought the breed to the U.S. and U.K. Labrador Retriever Older Dogs for Sale; View all our advertisers | Get your banner here! Read on to learn more! Like most purebred dogs, both Goldens and Labs can suffer from inherited health problems. They're extremely friendly, very playful, highly intelligent and easy to train. So, the perfect color of chocolate lab golden retriever mix would be chocolate with some shiny hair on them. Keep reading to discover ten differences you should know about the Golden vs Lab debate…. Both dogs are genetically predisposed to health issues that can be discovered with routine elbow and hip scoring and eye tests. They can come in all shades, shapes and sizes. For example, a Lab that gets a scolding may be more likely to brush it off and go about his business than a Golden. However, while their coat length is short, they do have a double coat that needs maintenance. What are the main health issues potential owners should know about in both breeds? Canine experts claim that Goldens are much more sensitive than Labradors. This is especially true during late autumn and spring when their coats are preparing for either cooler or warmer temperatures. Other Names : Yellow Retriever, Golden Flat Coat : Labrador, Lab : Breed Type : Purebred : Purebred : AKC Group : Recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1925 as a Sporting breed. Their soft-mouths helping them fetch water-fowl without harm. A variant of this gene, called POMC, is present in one quarter of all U.K. Labradors. Researchers have made great progress in understanding the genetic and environmental risk factors for cancer in Goldens. Both are too cute for words! However, there is currently no genetic testing available to assess a Golden Retriever’s predisposition to cancer. Many people think Labs require less maintenance than Goldens. Labs don’t have the feathery furnishings on the ears, neck, and tail like Goldens, so those areas will need virtually no trimming. When looking at size, remember that males tend to be larger than females, and height is measured at the tallest point on the body—the shoulder blades or “withers”—and not the head. The undercoat grows denser in cold weather and sheds in warm weather. The Golden Retrievers popularity sky rocketed to 3rd after the movie Air Bud. I had 2 shelties, great dogs. We started Showing Phebe in 1998 and fell in love with this beautiful breed. Wonderful article!! Golden Retriever owners will be the first to tell you that Goldens can shed quite a bit all year round. Use of an undercoat rake can help remove loose fur from the undercoat. The best way cope with shedding in a Golden is with a good brushing every few days; once weekly brushing may not be adequate. Pippa Mattinson is the best selling author of The Happy Puppy Handbook, the Labrador Handbook, Choosing The Perfect Puppy, and Total Recall. Labrador and Golden Retriever temperament. Regular brushing helps keep your dog’s coat soft and removes dead fur. This means that it is adept at finding and retrieving birds and other game brought down by hunters. Getting Involved Save an Animal. Areas that require regular trimming with scissors include the ears, feet, neck, and tail. Golden Retrievers also need fully health tested parents, but there is the added risk of cancer in Golden Retrievers to consider. But Golden Retrievers and Labradors suffer from different diseases…. Goldens Can Only Be Gold! It is not yet fully understood which specific genes are leading to the inheritance of cancer-risk genes. Also known as the Golden Labrador, this is a fun-loving pet, is a crossbreed of the 1st and 3rd most popular breeds in America. Freeling, SA. However, these two colors are not officially recognized. Generally, Goldens are said to be a bit softer, gentler, and more sensitive than Labs. They were the perfect sporting companion for wealthy owners who enjoyed game hunting. Golden Retriever vs Labrador? However there are many subtle differences that may sway your final decision. The Labrador cross golden retriever tends to be steady on the lead, has a strong sense of smell, and an incredible visual memory. The difference in shedding with retriever types is less how much they shed, and more what kind of fur they shed. Congratulations, that’s a pretty great dilemma! When you buy golden retriever pets. However, the Labrador sheds just as much fur as a Golden. At this point, both breeds became popular companions for shooting sports. 26 Labrador Retriever Breeders in NSW. The “white gold” variant of English Golden Retriever has become especially popular recently. I live my goldens. How does Golden Retriever vs Labrador shedding compare? When it comes to sheer numbers, the Lab has ranked #1 in popularity among all dog breeds for many years. It is not by chance that they are America’s most popular family pets. Can’t decide? They together make a family complete. Most health issues can be avoided in Labs through genetic testing, weight management and exercise. Labradors do not have any areas with longer sections of fur that require trimming. They differ in both looks and temperament. The Lab was used as a working water dog, to help fishermen retrieve nets and haul gear. As you will see, there are good reasons why both are so popular! There are 3 'main types' of Golden Retrievers that will be covered, the Canadian Golden Retriever, the British Golden Retriever, and the American Golden Retriever. Their natural athletic capabilities and intelligence Continue Reading →, The Labrador Retriever has been the most popular breed in America for 29 years running, many people know and love this breed! It is a common misconception that Labradors can be golden in color. At 3 months, your Labrador Retriever puppy needs about 15 minutes 2x per day. I would go for both! ♥️. It is no surprise the Labrador Golden Retriever Mix is an extremely popular crossbreed. If a loving, kind, and gentle dog is more your speed, be sure to consider the Golden. It’s A Conundrum! Goldens were officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1925, 8 years after the Labrador was officially recognized in 1917. The Labrador fits well into a lively and busy home. I have a golden retriever. You can then use a slicker brush for an overall grooming, and some Lab owners like to use a comb on their dogs as a final step in the grooming process. News: Puppies . Labradors are a bundle of energy. Golden Retrievers and Labradors have differences coat colors. A member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, he has been a dog lover since he was 13 years old. Displaying Page 1 of 1 pages. Golden Retriever's and the show world have been apart of my life, since 1979, a great introduction for my mother and myself to have a foundation bitch (Ch. They were born on 16th November 2020 and will be 8 weeks old on 11 January 2021. Feeding Your Labrador Puppy: How Much, Diet Charts And The Best... Simpson, M., Searfoss, E., Albright, S., et al. Goldens have a very long coat when compared to the Labrador Retriever. They have longer “feathering” fur on the neck, legs, and tail. 2. It is no wonder why many people have a difficult time choosing between the breeds. Report Ad. Recently, the terms English Lab and “American” Labrador have been appearing more and more in dog networks. Leoline Golden Sequin CD) from the famous kennels "LEOLINE", Mrs Viola Reid. The Golden Retriever originated in Glen Affric, Scotland in the 1800s. More than one brushing per week is recommended for Goldens. Their high energy levels may be a bit too much for seniors to keep up. Goldens have an average life expectancy of 10 to 12 years compared with a Labrador’s life expectancy of 10 to 14 years. It is not intended to constitute professional/veterinary advice. Both dogs are very lively, lovely, and full of energy. 1. Size, Height & Weight. This mixed breed is generally a healthy one with a few potential health issues to keep in mind. Golden Retrievers and Labradors are both extremely loving dogs who share many similarities. Generally, the Lab is a slightly larger dog than the Golden. The Goldador is one of the few designer breeds with a fairly predictable appearance, as both Labs and Goldens are similar in size and shape. Like the Golden, the Labrador also has a double coat. The Golden Retriever enjoys a calm and quiet environment. With both dogs, it is important to begin grooming from a young age so that they grow accustomed to it. The AKC breed standard for the Labrador Retriever says that males should be 22 ½ to 24 ½ inches high at the withers; female height ranges from 21 ½ to 23 ½ inches. 5. Once you start doing it regularly, a once weekly raking should be fine. He took his shots yesterday and yearly examination . In non shedding season Lab’s coats are less maintenance than Goldies’, but what about moulting? The cancer incidence rate in U.S. Goldens jumped in the 1990s, suggesting a recent genetic mutation. Doesn’t need to be purebred. Sorry all the females are sold. Is grooming a Lab easier than grooming a Golden? golden retriever lab mix Pets and Animals in California at classifieds. You can expect your Lab Golden Retriever mix to have an athletic body and long legs. All Things Dogs Copyright © 2020 - All Rights Reserved. Only the most suitable homes will be accepted. I am 6ft tall and she was at eye level. Golden Retrievers are ranked 3rd and Labradors have been the most popular dog breed for the last 20 years. Golden Retrievers were actually a gentleman’s dog, bred to retrieve waterfowl. “A Deletion in the Canine POMC Gene Is Associated with Weight and Appetite in Obesity-Prone Labrador Retriever Dogs.” Cell Metabolism, 2016. On average, Golden Retrievers live 10.5 years; however, Golden Retriever females typically outlive males by nearly two years. Goldens can suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia, as well as eye and heart problems. Help us find the forever home of surrendered or rescued Labrador Retrievers. These dogs are prominently used in dog shows, and also used to guide the disabled persons. John has also volunteered at multiple animal shelters, where he gained firsthand experience of rehabilitation and force-free positive reinforcement training methods. All Goldens, regardless of coat length and texture, require regular grooming. It’s no accident that the Lab has been the most popular dog breed in the U.S. for the past 26 years, and the Golden is not far behind. Although it can also be a little sillier! Besides maintaining the coat, basic grooming needs for a Golden also include baths, nail trimmings, and ear and teeth cleaning. The breed standard describes it as a rich, lustrous golden that can vary from dark to light, although very light and very dark are not accepted in show quality dogs. Both breeds are friendly, reliable, affectionate, gentle, trusting, and kind. Golden Retriever; Looking for a Labrador or golden retriever puppy. She is also the founder of the Gundog Trust and the Dogsnet Online Training Program, Pippa's online training courses were launched in 2019 and you can find the latest course dates on the Dogsnet website. If you are able to train and enjoy your retriever fetching for you in the water, whether retrieving an object or live game, your pet’s pleasure and yours will be multiplied. Children might prefer the Lab, but these excitable dogs might knock them over. The Labrador Retriever breed standard recognizes three solid coat colors: black, yellow, and chocolate. The Golden Retriever Lab Mix is a combination of two of America’s most loved family pets! The Labrador Retriever has three different official coat colors: yellow, black and chocolate. Unfortunately, their love of food can cause many health issues. The St. Johns Water Dog was then imported to England and used as retrievers in shooting sports. Raffan, E., Dennis, R.J., O’Donovan, C.J., et al. Golden Retrievers require more brushing to prevent any matting of their long coat. If less shedding is the reason you choose a Lab over a Golden, you should be aware that Labs do shed on a normal year-round basis like other dogs, and they also go through a heavy seasonal shedding that will require extra attention. So as you can see the Golden Retriever vs Labrador histories are fairly similar in terms of their working purpose. Golden Retrievers also have a long coat, which means more grooming whereas a Labrador’s bouncy nature makes them more boisterous. The yellow and chocolate colors can both vary in shading from light to dark. Both are great with children, have a sweet nature and are extremely loyal family pets. An active family with young children may prefer an energetic Lab, while a retired couple may welcome a gentle Golden instead. Get one of each !!!!! You will have to watch their weight, and make sure that you get your puppy from fully health tested parents. Whereas Labradors do not tire out easily and are always ready to play as soon as you are! Training. They both have a dense, double coat that makes their coat specialized for swimming. The color of Golden Retriever vs Labrador dogs is one of the major differences. It’s hard to go wrong with either breed, as millions of dog lovers can confirm. A Golden Retriever’s coat is wavy and longer than the shorter-haired Labrador’s, meaning that it benefits from slightly more grooming (every 2-3 days). Unlike a Golden, the Lab is not suited for a sedentary lifestyle. If you want a high energy dog that is strategic, and won’t make the same mistake twice, then you’re a golden person. $1500. Before talking … They will need to be brushed with a slicker brush and groomed with an undercoat rake. The Labrador Golden Retriever Mix is a large and athletically built dog with a short, dense, water-resistant coat. Goldens can vary in appearance depending on where they were bred. Pure bred labrador puppies. They usually have large square heads, floppy ears, and brown eyes. They love having children, a family to play with, and joining all of their adventures. The British type is generally larger, calmer, and less energetic than its American counterpart. Their loyalty makes them excellent companions. 4. . Both breeds are recognized as being medium sized, however if you measure a Golden vs Lab you will notice the Golden Retriever is an inch shorter. My best friend, for sure, Catalina. Labs shed as much as, if not more than, the average dog. However, if you are looking for a loving, loyal, and super gentle breed who loves a more sedentary lifestyle, then perhaps the down-to-earth Golden Retriever is the choice for you? Once they reach maturity, at approximately 18 months of age, they settle down a bit more. I was lucky to have a golden in my life and lucky to still have my lab. Fur in the house can be controlled by outdoor grooming sessions. Among these types, the American Retrievers are less muscular. GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPIES We currently have 5 beautiful purebred golden retriever male puppies available for their forever homes. Besides being a popular family pet, they are also frequently trained as service dogs. Both Labradors and Goldens rank high on most people’s lists of the ideal dog to add to their family. I’m a golden person,and always have been.I have owned a lab,and we loved him,but he was always crazy,and not great with our kids,but not bad either.Our golden is still very energetic,and needs a lot of exercise,but isn’t frantic all the time.I think both are great breeds but I have,and always will be a golden person! well adjusted and totally beautiful. Like Goldens, Labs have a double coat. If having to spend as much as 5 minutes vacuuming hair on a daily basis is too much trouble for you, you probably should not contemplate getting a dog, much less a retriever. As are Golden Retrievers, and Golden Lab mixes too! For the top coat, many experts recommend a good quality slicker brush as a must-have. As a Retriever, the Golden is bred for a soft, gentle mouth and an obedient, highly trainable temperament. The Golden Retriever has a medium length double coat, consisting of a water repellant top coat and a soft undercoat. If you are looking for an energetic, intelligent, and outgoing dog to keep up with your active lifestyle, particularly if you have children, the Lab might be the perfect dog for you. They are admired worldwide due to their sweet temperament, good-nature and wonderful companionship. Golden Retrievers were bred from wavy (or flat) coated Retrievers and Tweed Water Spaniels. Like Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers are also divided into different types, these are the American, British and Candian type. The Labrador Retriever is a healthier breed because of genetic testing. The Golden Retriever Lab mix lifespan is likely to be between 10 and 12 years because both the Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever share that life expectancy range. North Queensland, Queensland. The Labrador Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Golden Retrievers are, of course, golden in color. Breed also matters much more than color in terms of temperament. Canadians selectively bred the Newfoundland breed with smaller water dogs to create a St. Johns Water Dogs. Golden Retrievers are an active breed, but they do enjoy a calm and quiet environment. Grooming a Golden also requires trimming some of the longer fur with scissors, specifically thinning shears. Labradors were a fisherman’s dog, bred to retrieve fish nets and fish. When the Labrador is well trained, he is obedient, amiable, and tolerates well with the acts of children, other dogs and others pets. She was a golden retreiver. The Vet tested him for heart worms and the test came back positive. Labrador Retrievers have been the most popular dog breed in America for over 20 years. Grooming your Golden outdoors can be a good way to reduce the amount of hair in the house. Displaying Notices From: * If the region is not displayed in the dropdown list above, then we have no breeders in our database for that particular region. Cool Dog Breeds – Our Top Ten Coolest Dogs. $ 1,000 . The Labrador Retriever is larger than the Golden. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. The high risk problems in Labs are often avoidable through health testing. The Labrador Retriever is genetically prone to obesity. You can see the slight size variation in the table below which shows the average height and weight of both breeds: Female Golden Retrievers stand at 21 to 22 inches compared to female Labradors with a height of 21.5 to 23.5 inches. Dogs with 2 copies of the gene are on average 4 kg heavier than non-carriers. This warm weather shedding is often called “blowing the coat” — a very descriptive term for the extensive seasonal Golden shedding! Typically this dog has the face Continue Reading →. While Labradors do have shorter hair than Goldens, don’t believe anyone who says Labs don’t shed. View this post on Instagram . The Labrador and Golden Retriever are both used as service dogs. Labs are generally more solid and sturdy than overly refined. Pure bred golden retriever with papers available for stud. The result of this original cross breeding (and later modifications) is the Golden Retriever, a dog famous for its devoted, big-hearted personality and rich golden coat.

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