The shifter also feels much tighter with the Ultegra. The perception of ‘better’ is is always what fuels sales of higher end products. The extra spread is useful as I have an 11-32 rear cassette with a compact 50-34 chainset Devon hills are not very forgiving. La série des 600 sur les vélos vintages est l’ancêtre des Ultegra.) I rode a tri bike with mech ultegra for 2010-2014 then upgraded to di2 on the new tri bike in 2015. Just my 2c. That time occurs before you buy your bike, roughly a week after you’ve bought your bike, then on a weekly basis until you cycle off this mortal coil. Seems the cost for the Ultegra set is within 20% of getting 105s. I’m certainly not elite and with the roads in our area, I ride a Diverge that is 2Kg+ heavier than most road bikes . That being said I think my 10s can last my lifetime (I’m 65 now) plus many years. Over time the blog has expanded to include training advice, gear reviews and road cycling tales, all from the perspective of a not-very-fit MAMIL. The Giant Defy is probably the cleanest example of the 105-Ultegra cost differential, with the specifications on the two bikes otherwise being very similar, if not identical. Most full groupsets are bought in conjunction with a new bike. Aluminum would have snapped long ago, with any flexing at all. Troisième dans la gamme du géant nippon, le Shimano 105 est un groupe fiable qui se place, à chaque nouvelle mouture, comme un produit de plus en plus attractif, et ce pour moins de 700 euros (en version classique à patins). Apparu en juin 2015, le Shimano Tiagra (séries 47000) adopte le même style esthétique que le 105, l'Ultegra ou le Dura-Ace, grâce à l'arrivée d'un pédalier à quatre branches. The bike I am looking at is a Pinarello Razha K from 2013 (still new as per the store manager) with 105 5700/Most. Le budget n'étant semble t'il pas une question pour toi alors oui fais toi plaisir avec un Ultégra . I’ve shown this photo before, but include it again for reasons of laziness. I live and ride in the Sierra foothills and San Francisco Bay area, so I can use all the help gearing will give me. Thanks Andrew. I could probably look up when they changed the crank from 5 bolt to 4 bolt or when they changed the bottom bracket design to have outboard bearings and see a similar trend. A 12-28 would have been far more practical and although I don’t think I “need” the 28, I do live in a very hilly area and would have embraced the spin if I had that smaller gear. 11s is the newest and will have spare and replacement parts available longer, and that, I believe is the biggest advantage. What are the tricks and tips for inflating a disc wheel? New ULTEGRA R8000 series is "pro-proven" as it is a direct trickle down from DURA-ACE groupset. Yo! (Which I reckon is a song lyric waiting to be put to music*). Go with what looks best to you and the one that is the most comfortable. That would be the first major upgrade for me. My bike is a Trek Domane 4.3 (the 2013 version), which at the time cost £1,800. The better you are and the more you ride the more you would appreciate the upgraded bike. Showing the actual prices just complicates things further.). The different combos of what might comprise your chosen groupset (e.g disc brakes versus rim) makes trying to come up with a useful summary very difficult. We’ll break down a number of detailed differences next. The question though is which groupset should you pick, should you pick Shimano 105 or Ultegra? Hello! I’m thinking this is wear on those rear gears. Well, have a squiz at the full groupset images above. 105 weighs 200g more, all else being equal), which in the grand scheme of anything other than pro cycling is kind of irrelevant. Well, let’s face it. Thanks for the article, it came at the right time for me as I am looking for a new bike and still ponder between 105 and Ultegra…. I’m a little late getting in on this, but I just got a bike with Ultegra 6800, and wanted to chime in. Updated with actual weights, deals, price, specs table, and more well I’ve had 5800 shifters apart next to 6800 shifters, I mean totally apart like they’re not supposed to. The 105 updates are great. You are not riding great distances yet, and you don’t want a poorly fitted bike to destroy your riding enjoyment. The spring tension adjust on the other hand yields an advantage with internally routed frames where rear brake “drag” is noticeable. I remember when test riding bikes that the Ultegra shifters “felt” better than the 105. Because they’re both in the current ‘design generation’ (is that what we’d call it), they both share the modern-looking chunky crank design. An Ultegra chain has a better, nickel-like finish and a stronger riveting process than allows for a laterally stiffer chain. Fiable, réactif et économique. Then as things start to wear out upgrade. Hey Andrew, Thanks for this comparison. The origin story of the term Di2 is shrouded in mystery…. Precise shifting and much better ergonomics. Now will I ever like Carbon as much as Titanium? The upgrade groupset parts as they become worn out. Shimano va avoir un problème avec de 105 di2. Where Do Tiagra and 105 Sit In The Shimano Range? I subsequently found a decent deal on used Di2 electronics and was able to slap them on. 105 chains have a duller finish and due to a different riveting process, are more “flexy.” An Ultegra cassette substitutes the aluminum lock ring for the steel one found on a 105. 105 stayed firmly mechanical. But would change to a 52-36 chainset on my next build. Which I am part of neither! I would guess you’ll be able to find 10s parts for many years to come. Go to your bike shop and have them check the chain and the derailleur alignment. For Tri bikes with aerobar extensions, both groups will use 10-speed Dura Ace bar end shifters and an aftermarket TT brake lever. The chainring’s shape blends nicely into the body of the Ultegra crankarm. Shimano 105 and Ultegra are 2 of the most often picked groupsets by road cyclists. If the upgraded bike is 11s and the online one 10s there is a slight value to the LBS bike. What model Ultegra can I upgrade to as parts begin to fail? That said, if I ever feel that getting electronic gear shifting is an absolute must – perhaps you count yourself in this category –  then clearly Ultegra is the only choice (assuming I/you don’t have Dura-oodles of cash for the top of the range alternative). Then I probably bought an Ultegra cassette and maybe an Ultegra 10-speed chain (my memory is a little hazy). I can say, though, that the Ultegra brakes are amazing. me back, ive got sneaking suspicion the the only difference in the tiagra 4700 mechanism is 10 teeth on the ratchet instead of 11. as far as my eyes can reach looking in a shop display I cant see any difference in the exposed parts of the mechanism. Shes also comparing two different model bicycles (an endurance carbon bike from Cannondale with a women’s specific endurance carbon bike from Trek). Just a quick note about brakes: I read recently that while Ultegra were the highest rated rim brakes, 105 use the same mechanical action and should perform the same (I can’t compare as my winter bike has discs). Pedals are lighter, wider, and Shimano bearings have never failed me. The lever throw seems a little shorter, and it is harder to miss a shift, especially going up the cassette. If not then they are likely ok and I wouldn’t change them. Do the two extra gears on the 5800 make a lot of difference compared to the 5700.? If that’s you, then you’ll be more interested in the price point of the full bike, which I’ve discussed above. I assume both bikes are the same size and you are sure the size is correct for you; this is even more important than group. Ultegra is better than 105 – no doubt about that. In the case of LJ’s specific example, it’s pretty easy to decide: just ride both and then choose the one she likes more, since she is comparing two complete bikes with different designs. Learn how your comment data is processed. Shimano Ultegra R8000 Groupsets And Build Kits. superficial difference in the lever tops which I would guess is to stop you from putting Ultegra nameplates on 105 levers. As we spend more time on the bike and rack up the miles, it makes sense to upgrade assuming your bike fit is dialed in. It came with a full Shimano 105 groupset (5700 – model range number fans). Ultegra components are also stiffer, meaning that the bike doesn’t “flex” under the load of hard pedaling, wasting energy. Any opinions? bonjour à tous, une question certainement déja abordée, mais je n'ai pas trouvé de post à ce sujet. The 40 cog is aftermarket, and I took out the 11 cog to make it work. Ultegra derailleurs will yield better shifting and ultimately will last longer. I say go with your heart, not your wallet. The electro-versions of Ultegra and Dura-Ace have Di2 added at the end of their names to make it clear that no cables are required (though unlike SRAM’s wireless eTAP electronic system, Shimano does still require the use of wires). Hey all, Thank you for your contributions. Both are very quick checks. Shimano Ultegra : la valeur sûre de la marque japonaise SHIMANO. That means a down-sizing of the whole hood, making it … Way more noticeable than when I upgraded the front derailleur from 105 to Ultegra (I’ve now gone back to 105-only on the Domane). Hear about each post as soon as I publish. Other features (frame, wheelset) can move the price point of the whole range, independent of groupset. Can anyone comment on how the 2 compare? 105 (la référence. LJ, yes, still here by default I think. that being said, i’m only looking at the ultegra model because of the “better” color option, and the ergonomic design . Par ailleurs, le groupe Shimano 105 a connu une grande mise à jour en 2018. This was all very helpful, and gives me some more information to consider before making my choice! Or nicer road bike. Le nouveau groupset Shimano 105 R7000, un groupe pour tous ! upgrading from shimano 105 to ultegra? For the time being, only Ultegra and it’s pro-sibling Dura-Ace have electronic rather than mechanical gear shifts. Replace your cassette every two chains. So it was a 35£ side grade. The only thing I can’t speak to is the 105 brakeset, since I have Avid disc brakes on the cross bike. L'ultégra n'a vraiment pas grand chose de plus qu'un 105 si ce n'est "l'effet" gamme supérieure . There is 1 quick and simple answer to that, and that is that Shimano 105 is a 11-speed groupset and Toagra is a 10-speed groupset. You pay the same price that you would have done anyway. So I recently picked up a 1991 Cannondale SR800 that is wearing 105 (1055). Whether that’s important, one must judge for oneself. Size is most important of the factors you mentioned. But, by then it was 11 speed all around and the rear fork distance has move out a couple of millimeters. This is some serious riding you put on! These are links to online stores such as Amazon, Wiggle and Chain Reaction. Cela comprend, pour un groupe de transmission complet : les dérailleurs avant et arrière, les étriers de frein avant et arrière, le pédalier, la cassette, les leviers de freins, le boîtier de pédalier et la chaîne. That’s another question, and something I’m, going to find out (and REI gives you a few months to try it out, then you can still return it, thus my snapping up the bargain price without having a bike there to try out on the spot-REI is a seriously great company!!). Whether a bike has disc or rim brakes affects price quite considerably. the 2015 Cannondale) is today’s 105 (the 2017 Trek). If you want to become a Shimano knowledge-sensai, you need to be aware that there is a number that corresponds to each named groupset (okay, need is a strong word). This has the potential to maximise comfort and, most importantly, performance far more than by choosing one iteration or another of Shimano’s group sets. Anyways parts are readily available now for the 10s option. And it lets one run a larger range cassette. If that’s 105, fine. I won't be buying the entire group altogether, but rather scoping out deals 1 piece at a time on ebay, what would be the order in which to upgrade. Also the cables stretch. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. But the thing is, that all occurred in the previous generation of these two groupsets. These are also the middle names of my daughters.). Both bikes are new and and both had 22 gears. I would spend my money getting a comfortable frame with 105 components. Thank you for any advise I greatly appreciate it. It’s most helpful in working out which generation of a given groupset you have/you’re buying. The Zipps are 2 oz heavier than the DAs. I have a Scott Speedster FL20 with 105 for 2 years and already run through 2 chains and continue to have chain slipping when running the front smaller gear and on the 12, 13, 14 on the rear cassette. I too have a Domane 4.3 but 2014 model. how stupid is that? That’s the thing – the price is almost the same but the 2015 has Ultegra and the 2017 has 105. Ultegra components are lighter than 105 components, making climbing easier. As far as everything else, the difference between the 6800 and 5800 is negligible except for the rear derailleur and shifter. (For completeness, Tiagra is next, followed by Sora and Claris. If the online bike seller accepts returns if their description is incorrect and pays return shipping then that is a value in their favor. I think what I’m about to write is something of a cyclo-cliché, but that has never stopped me before, so… 105 is the first of Shimano’s “serious” or “proper” groupsets. This brings the entry price point for a bike with the 105 groupset down considerably. If I am thinking about upgrading from 105 to ultegra groupset and doing it on a budget i.e. Jack thank you so much for you advise, I do greatly appreciate it. I am on the fence on paying up if it’s not too big of a difference. They update every few years so I just replace them when new sets come out. This should not be the case. You finally succumb to the rule of n+1 and you start looking for your first ‘proper’ road bike. I happened to run into a 2015 Cannondale Synapse 3 the other day, for $2150. No sign of a R7050. ), the actual prices you’ll need to pay are substantially lower if you decide to build up a bike from scratch. For what it’s worth, if you’re looking for a noticeable improvement in shifting quality, a full overhaul at your current groupset (be that 105 or whatever) will give you the best bang for your buck. Congrats. Canyon, Cannondale and Specialized upgrade other components as you move up the range (wheels, for instance). I just did this on my Domane – new cables, cassette, chain, brake pads and chain rings – recorded in this series of YouTube videos – and the improvement has been amazing. The Cannondale Synapse Carbon 105 2021 model costs £2,200 ($2,838) whilst the Ultegra version is £2,700 ($3,483); Specialized Roubaix Sport (with 105) costs £2,750 ($3,548); the Roubaix Comp (Ultegra) comes in at £3,500 ($4,515). You gaze adoringly at your clean-shiftin’ 105 drivetrain for a couple of years… and then start to wonder, “Would I be faster-stronger-sexier if I had Ultegra on my bike?”. The derailleur started as a Ultegra di2 (small cage) which is modified with a Deore long cage. Derailleurs undergo a ton of force, loads and movement. Ultegra Di2 et Ultegra normal (le petit frère des Dura-ace, en un peu plus lourd et moins cher.L’équivalent des Force chez SRAM. Which I suppose makes sense since one is two years old (but is new). Assuming all you have are wear and maintenance issues I would upgrade the chain and cassette to Ultegra and keep the derailleur. That said, i will report back when I get some conclusive impressions. Today I found a 2017 Trek Silque 5 (I am female) for $2000 but love the color and the frame seems more comfortable. Also braking performance and feel, which of course is really important over the long haul. Thank you! They both mix value and quality in a package that is highly respected by most cyclists. Ultegra offers better brake pads, better component quality. Higher quality springs and pivots allow for solid, instant engagement in shifting. This is quite an expensive way of doing things: an extra £20-30 per component soon adds up. I agree with Jack, start with selecting a frame on a good bike. Ah, the million dollar £500 (or $700) question. A part 400 euros, il y a t'il une grosse différence entre shimano 105 R7000 et ultegra R8000 les 2 groupes pour un amateur comme moi. And you end up getting a bike with 105. The new Shimano Ultegra groupsets look almost identical to Shimano Dura-Ace, but there are some subtle differences – here's what you need to … Well, Shimano’s lowest cost range is called Claris. You get some idea of the relative costs though. I changed shifters from 5700 105 to 4700 Tiagara keeping the 10 speed drive train. Sorry, I missed the part about already having gone through 2 chains when I posted my first reply. They take very little effort to stop, yet they don’t catch bad enough to throw you over the bars. Architecture 4 branches pour le pédalier Shimano 105 5800. Clearly if you want electronic shifting, then Ultegra is, for now, your only option. I went with carbon wheels, carbon frame, 105 gearset. Crankset / chainset – the bit the pedals attach to – chain rings, cranks – that sort of thing; Derailleurs – the bits that move the chain between the different chainrings (at the front) and the various cogs of the cassette (at the back); Shifters – attached to the handlebars – the bit you manipulate with your hands; Cassette – the bit in the middle of your back wheel – lots of teeth; The Giant Defy Advanced 2020 model costs £1,949 ($2,514) with Shimano 105 and £2,199 ($2,837) with Ultegra (£250 difference for the hard of mathing); Canyon’s Endurace CF SL Disc 7.0 with Shimano 105 is £2,099 ($2,708) and the Ultegra-equipped Endurace CF SL Disc 8.0 is £2,699 ($3,482). This post might contain affiliate links for which we may make a small commission at no extra cost to you should you make a purchase. The 105 5800 groupset I bought complete with wheels and tyres for £230 was a real bargain and I found that overall it performed better than my ultegra 6700 groupset except that the brakes are not as well finished. The bike online for $1100.00 includes shipping and any fees. When it comes to purchasing a gift for our babies, nothing says I love you like a new groupo. Shimano didn’t come out with a ‘105 Di2 5870’. But the shifting was better but I was disappointed with the wheels shimano still do cones and cups for wheel bearings, and the cassette freewheel had lots of play . The marginal upgrade in performance does not justify the significant higher cost. (okay, I couldn’t be bothered to Google what it stands for). Has this been happening since new or is it a recent development? I don’t mind spending $90 for calipers…the best brakes you can buy is never a bad choice in my opinion. Not sure if anyone is still active on this post or not, but thought I’d give it a try. It’s no longer as clear cut. With these facts, you can better make the decision as to if the ~$300 more for the Ultegra group is worth it. Thanks Nick! $990.73 - $1,311.11. In short, an Ultegra chain will shift better than a 105 chain. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I am trying to choose between a 2015 Cannodale CAAD 10 105 for $1100 or a Cannondale CAAD 10 with Ultegra for $1750. In my experience, the upgrade from 105 to ultegra was significant. Both Ultegra 6800 and Shimano 105 R5800 could give 11 speeds and you may get up to five different options in the cassette range. I’ve done this myself, with my 10-speed 105 5700 groupset. My blog contains Affiliate Links. Chain only showed very little change, but the new chain and cassette had a very noticeable improvement. I had a Cannondale 2.8 from the mid 90’s. Moving up to the controls, the new Shimano 105 R7000 hoods and levers get the same ergonomic do-over that Ultegra R8000 received. The difference between BIKE model years is in the frame colors, sometimes the changes in a couple parts, and every so often a major frame redesign (in the specific example the Trek Silque 2017 model has Trek’s “IsoSpeed” decoupler applied to the headtube). Starting with a 105 group is a good idea. If you ride significant miles you eventually start replacing components as maintenance items. If your chain is at or very close to 0.75% stretched change it. the 2015 Ultegra. Maybe, for once, the trickledown effect of high spec features gradually moving down the price spectrum won’t apply in the case of 105 electrification. There was no improvement in performance but the fun factor increased. In addition, the machining of the ramps on the aluminum cogs of an Ultegra cassette are held to tighter tolerances. Shimano brought out a new version of its 105 groupset in 2018, but how does it compare to the top of the range Dura-Ace? The alignment is a quick adjustment. Very helpful article as I am looking to upgrade from Sora. Have you ever dropped the bike and possibly bent the derailleur or hanger? If you have to go 105 for the cost, you won’t be disappointed, but it is definitely worth it to think about upgrading the rear derailleur and possibly the levers. Brake pad quality is another significant factor in the performance of Ultegra brakes over 105. Have you tried both? My real question is this – are the 2015 Ultegra parts close to the 2017 105 parts? Interesting and thoughtful comment. Do you ride with Ultegra? I assume both bikes are 10s. The newest all have stainless plates which should last much longer, but again look different on each model, a totally cosmetic aspect that pisses me off, and so far I have NOT found these plates to be available separately; cleats being plastic should wear first, but another quibble with the designers and the young customers who never experienced old school parts that could actually be serviced and rebuilt. I’m no Froome-dog and I’ve only returned to cycling reasonably seriously in the last 3 years but my experience is that there’s little between them (unless, of course you want the electronic do-dah). Sometimes it’ll change immediately, with hardly any noise, sometimes there will be a slight delay and a definite clunk when it goes. Then another 10 years pass by and it’s time again, the right shifter wasn’t shifting that smooth anymore. Shimano 105 R7000 groupset — everything you need to know. Posted 7 years ago My other wheelsets use proper cartridge bearings all round and never need adjustment, so for my next project (another titanium frame) I will buy up a new just taken off a bike 105 groupset and try and find some good used wheels. I also have a cross bike with 105 5800, so I can give an honest comparison. ©2021 Beginner Triathlete. My advice would be to focus on the frame and get as much 105 on there or better at the start, though I believe RS500 cranks are comparable to 105. And the price. I’ve had a go at summarising the supposed recommended prices for the various current (R8000/R7000) Ultegra and 105 options in this table. The overbuilt structure of the crankset coupled with the chainring has far more of an advantage in power transfer over the 105 which doesn’t sport a hollow outer chainring. (And please remember to hit ‘Like’ on the video – it really helps me out with the YouTube algorithm – many fanks). Speaking to a few data points in the ‘endurance bike’ category (all of which are carbon frames): (For the USD prices, I just converted the UK prices at $1.29:£1 to give an indication. I doubt I can tell the difference as I’ve only been riding recreationally (75-100 miles weekly) for 2 years. I’ll certainly be thinking about getting Ultegra on my next bike. I have tried this myself and can vouch for it. The higher quality the internals, the more precise and longer lasting the mechanism. The front derailleur, shifter, crank, shifting force, noise, etc., are indistinguishable (unless you took them off and put them on a scale). 11s is the new norm and you will be able to easily get parts further into the future than 10s. As things wear you can upgrade to Ultegra if you want, or you can experiment with changes. Permalink ... les prix à l'unité ou par groupe devant être peu différents ! Absolutely not. It’s considered a “new road” bike, both the 105 and Ultegra versions have hydraulic disc brakes (yay) the one in 105 comes in a puke green, while the Ultegra comes in a muted grey. Right now other than 200g and some reviewer claims that the rim brakes are better, the only real difference is the available of electronic shifting with the Ultegra 6870 which can be ignored in the case of this commenter.